Mystcial Alchemy's 7 Chakra Sound Healing Journeys + Downloadable Chart

Mystical Alchemy's Sound Healing Chart and accompanying Interactive Audio Sound Journey brings the chakras to life in a multi-sensory way.  Engage all of your sense as you deepen your understanding and ability to heal and activate these important energy centers.  Chakra means "wheel."  While each chakra is it's own spiraling energy center each with it's focus on a particular aspect of being a spiritual body in human form.  Meditating upon these energy center can be very liberating and empowering.  You can lay back and relax and just receive the healing sounds or participate interactively as much as you like! 

What's Included:

* Mystical Alchemy's Chakra Chart (downloadable)

* Mystical Alchemy's 7 Chakra Interactive Sound Healing Journey (guided meditation with sacred sounds and affirmations)

* Mystical Alchemy's 7 Chakra Instrumental Soundscapes

* Instrumental Chakra Soundscapes on Video


Heather Salmon and Donny Regal